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Custom CSS help

  1. I have been trying to change CSS (without much luck), but after my changes the name of the original creators template still appears (ie Digg 3 Column). How much has to be changed in order for that not to appear?

  2. depends on the theme, but mind you, it is considered bad form to remove it.

  3. I did not realize that - so are people who are without theme names creating their CSS from scratch? I am doing my site design for a project and can use a template/theme but need to make some modifications to it. Is my only option then to start from scratch? If so any suggestions? I am looking to so something very basic (two columns, custom header, white background with black text, and other things).

    I am really really green with CSS and am struggling (probably pretty obvious considering my ignorance).


  4. Try out diffrent themes, some are more minimalist than others.
    Blogs without the credit are either started from scratch, or someone who don't know/care that it is bad form. It is not impossible to remove it.

    The scratch option is Sandbox. Then you can do practically anything.

    Get the webmaster css tool for firefox and firebug. Should make it a little easier.

  5. Great thanks I will give it a whirl!

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