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    Hi There

    My Custom CSS is giving me a lot of problems!!! It was working fine till this past weekend. What’s really weird is that it seems to be in some cycle. Saturday is didn’t work the whole day, and then the evening it worked again before I went to bed. Sunday morning it still worked, but from about 10 am it was faulty till the evening. Monday was faulty, but yesterday it worked the whole day and today it’s faulty again.

    I’ve checked everything. Cleared my cookies & history. I’ve checked on 3 different browsers including my phone. My CSS is active, none of my payments is due. In preview mode my CSS is displaying fine.

    I’m working on a Apple Mac & have an iphone. My husbands got a PC at work and for some reason it displayed fine on his computer. Could this be a mac issue?

    What should I do???

    The blog I need help with is



    Is this the blog you mean? l



    Yes, sorry forgot to add my website.


    I did check your site on several browsers too after your last post and help request.

    If CSS files are not working for you from all the computers in one network location but they work from other locations, then something on your local network is blocking the files from loading for some reason. What I can do from here is try to help you with some troubleshooting steps. The first thing I would try is rebooting your router. If that doesn’t help, check to see if you have any firewall or filtering software setup at the network level that is blocking the CSS files for you. If you haven’t setup anything like that yourself, try checking with your ISP and ask them to please help you check to make sure access to’s domains (listed below).

    CSS files are served from,, and domains. Here is a direct link to your custom CSS which you can find in your page source and that you can use to check to see if you are able to load CSS directly in your browser. You will either see CSS code or an error message of some kind. If you see an error message, it might give you some tips about what’s causing the trouble or it might be a generic error.



    Hi There!!
    Thanks for all the advise – this is really frustrating me!

    I’m using a 3G USB modem (vodafone) for my internet, so I don’t have a router.
    I don’t have any firewall or filtering software installed.

    I’ll try contacting Vodafone, but I doubt that they will be blocking the wordpress domains as my phone goes through a complete different ISP and the same thing happens.

    I can see the CSS code you attached with no error message. So I don’t think thats the problem :(

    Do you think this might have something to do with my domain ? Sometimes when this problem occurs it’s like my browser struggles to decide what to load. It will start loading and then halfway through start loading a complete differnt wordpress login site and then alternates back to Sometimes it can take up to 5 minutes to load and not because my internet is slow. Hope this make sense?




    Hi!! Ok, I just figured out that it might be my ISP. When I looked at my website through my phone I didn’t realise it was connected to my computers WiFi.

    I emailed them, but I think they might take a while to actually get back to me :(


    I don’t think it has do to with the domain. That part looks good to me.

    Yeah, it sounds frustrating! This is the kind of thing that’s pretty tough to troubleshoot without being there too. Hopefully your ISP will get back to you with some info!

    You might be able to find out some additional info using the Firebug add-on for Firefox. Install it, open your site while it’s running, and look around in the tabs to see if you can find any errors showing up at all. If you can pin down an error, that will get you some hopefully more helpful information to work with (e.g. it might tell you exactly what’s not loading).


    And also, you’re blog is looking fantastic from my location and I had a few other people check too. So at least you know it’s an isolated issue, if that helps!

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