Custom CSS not working over 3G, is working over Wifi

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    This is quite interesting, my custom CSS is only being applied to my theme on a mobile when that mobile is on a wifi connection. Over 3G it goes to the theme’s default responsive layout.

    I can go on the page right now on wifi, click re-fresh and see the styled version. Disconnect wifi refresh and then see the unstyled theme. I can do this on/off however many times as I want and the result is always the same.

    I’ve tried it over home, work, public wifi networks and many areas with different 3G connections and the effect is always the same. wifi off, styles off.

    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is


    Could you try clearing your mobile browser cache and let us know if that has any affect on the custom CSS showing on 3G? I’m seeing exactly the same site on my iPhone on 3G and WiFi as I’m seeing on my computer.


    Also, what mobile OS/phone/browser are you on?


    It’s been cleared a few times, yeah. I only just started modifying it so it’s very stark and minimal at the moment. The instant recognisable difference is that I have overridden the text-transform: uppercase; removed the nav bar and changed some spacing.

    I can literally get it to swap between the custom css and the standard css by swiching wifi on/off. It changes back with each re-fresh within seconds.

    It’s iPhone 4s / iOS7

    I read somewhere else on here that it may have something to do with UK network providers? I’ver never encountered anything like that before though.


    Hmmm, I’m seeing a capital first letter on the site with the rest lower case: House.

    Mobile providers rely heavily on proxies to keep bandwidth usage low, it could be their proxy is slow to update, or they have it scheduled to refresh less often.

    I would give it a while and see if it updates. If it updates after a while, I would suspect it’s their proxy.


    That’s the right version you’re seeing then, I’ve just refreshed on both wifi (fine) and 3G (not). It’s been about 24 hours now… although I have never used wordpress in this capacity before I build static sites / css templates for CMS’s and I test on 3G all the time and never known anything like it. Maybe there’s something in that particular theme / I should start fresh with the CSS.


    Now even weirder…

    “Started from scratch” on the CSS.

    On wifi – works great
    On 3G – completely unstyled


    Do you have a friend, possibly on a different 3G network, you can have take a look?


    I’m still having this problem…

    All custom styles do not load on 3G, they do on wifi.

    The only thing that loads on 3G is the typekit fonts, everything else falls back to unstyled browser defaults.



    I am having the same issue – any workaround!?


    Never found a solution I’m afraid. I bought a brand new phone and our of the box it did the same thing. WP guys wee very helpful but we never found a solution. It may have been network provider specific too.


    FWIW, I tested with 3G on my iPhone 4S using Safari and iOS 7.0.4, and the custom CSS worked in my test:

    It looks like you may have switched to a self-hosted solution, but I wanted to make sure put some comments into the mix on this thread anyway.

    @aidanotoole, I checked and it’s not currently setup at If you’re having trouble with a blog, reply with the link to the blog you’re working on and I’d be happy to check it out.


    This issue does sound like it could have been network provider specific.

    Since there currently aren’t any replies to my latest request from a few weeks ago, I’m going to mark this as resolved.

    If anyone else experiences the same problem, please start a new help request and please include a mention of your network provider’s name.

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