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Custom CSS paid for, but not working.

  1. soyoumadeittocollege

    Okay, so we bought the bundle with all of the different things in it.

    Custom Design
    Domain Name

    Anyway, the only thing I got pretty much was the domain name and still paid the amount I was supposed to. So, what I want to know is why I can't use Custom CSS. It still tells me to upgrade for 30 when it was IN the bundle...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you logged in to the blog under the same username account that purchased the bundle?

  3. soyoumadeittocollege

    The username didn't change.

  4. Please describe what happens when you try to begin your CSS editing?

  5. soyoumadeittocollege

    I'm not having a problem creating the css. I just can't save it because it says I have to upgrade. All I can do is preview it for free, which I don't want. Especially because we bought the bundle with the custom design included in it.

  6. This thread is flagged for Staff support.

  7. soyoumadeittocollege

    All right.

  8. You're all fixed up now.

    Sorry about that!

  9. soyoumadeittocollege


  10. You're welcome!

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