Custom CSS stylesheet not appearing on my site

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    If you look at my site – – you’ll see this comment where the include for the custom CSS should be:

    Purchase the Custom Design upgrade to activate this feature

    I have the pro bundle, it’s active and this was working but now appears to be broken and so no style is appearing. If I put ‘?csspreview=true’ onto the URL my custom style does appear.

    The blog I need help with is


    Regarding the “purchase the upgrade” note you mentioned, even though the URL is correctly encoded, the browser isn’t translating & to &. Try clicking on the link and removing all of the #038; parts and it will work.

    That only addresses the issue with the link when it is load directly in a browser though. I checked the home page at and I can see the CSS working normally. I like the cork board background a lot!

    As a first troubleshooting step in a case like this, I would recommend clearing browser cache to see if that helps:



    Ok, thanks for looking (and glad you like the background!). Here’s the curious thing: I’m using the 3G connection on my iPhone and if I browse on the iPhone itself to any page I see my site with custom CSS (switching off the mobile theme for a moment). However when sharing the 3G connection via Wifi to my Mac or iPad the HTML that’s returned by contains, instead of the CSS it should, the following right before the closing </head> tag:

    <style type=”text/css” style=”display:none”>/* Purchase the Custom Design upgrade to activate this feature */

    So it’s not a local caching issue (it happens on multiple browsers even after clearing out all the caches) and I assume if you browse there and ‘View Source’ you won’t see that comment on your machine just before </head>, instead you’ll see a link to the custom stylesheet.


    Indeed, I don’t see the message you’re describing. Here’s what I see:

    It may not be a browser cache issue, but it still sounds like a local issue. Do you always connect to the internet using a shared 3G connection via Wi-Fi to your Mac or iPad like that? Do you have a way to re-boot—or stop and re-start—whatever device you’re using for that 3G connection? Or, do you have a way to test from a different internet connection by chance?


    I’ve heard of others having some issues when connecting via wifi through 3G on their iPhones. I’m not sure what the issue is though.



    So I’ve tried doing the same thing via a different iPhone via USB with the same result and I also changed the contents of one of the pages to make sure it’s not being cached on phone or computer and looking at the source I still see the same comment where I should see what you’re seeing, yet the rest of the page, including the changes I’d made, were present. I’ve even fired up a Windows VM on my Mac and the results are the same.

    I usually connect via Wifi on broadband rather than using 3G connection sharing and until this week haven’t used the latter so couldn’t say whether it’s a new problem or not. Next time I find a Wifi hotspot I’ll check but I’m certain it’ll work as it should. I reckon something about the 3G sharing setup is making return that comment instead of the stylesheet – I can’t see where else that comment would be coming from and I note it made an appearance on this old thread:


    Can you tell me more about your 3G connection on your iPhone? Who is your iPhone service provider? Are you using the official Personal Hotspot feature that’s a paid upgrade, or did you setup your 3G connection using an app or some other way?

    If the cause of the trouble is a network issue that has to do with the 3G connection, I’m not sure what could be done from our side to help—but I will try to find out more. In the mean time, I have a Verizon MiFi connection and I fired it up for testing, and the custom CSS for loads just fine for me on that connection. I know it’s not the same as a 3G iPhone shared connection, but it’s the closest thing to it I could test myself. Beyond that, I will need additional details as well as help from the community testing. It would help to have confirmation if there are any additional users experiencing this problem, including info about their 3G iPhone sharing connection setup.



    Ok, after some investigation looking at the source of HTML that was coming back it appears that Orange UK (my mobile phone provider) was injecting a massive amount of javascript directly into the page which was, among other things, mangling up what I was seeing. Apparently they were doing this to compress pages and images and speed things up but of course it was instead screwing things up!

    Anyway, I switched it off at this page and magically everything is working as it should. So I reckon that anybody else who’s seen peculiar behaviour when tethering or Wifi sharing via their 3G connection (to answer your question it was Personal Hotspot I was using) will most likely have been hit by the same thing (apparently most other UK mobile networks do the same). The thing that gave it away was this script being included at the top of the page:

    As soon as I Googled for that it became clear that it’s a widespread thing. Thanks for your patience! :)



    On my iPhone (AT&T) on a regular 3G connection, just using Safari to navigate the blog, I see this:


    @johnconners, you rock! Thanks so much for following up with your findings. You have no idea how helpful it is when we get good technical info like this back from users. :)

    @zandyring, thanks for testing. :)



    It’s very interesting to know about the UK mobile “adjustments” the carrier makes.



    @designsimply – you’re welcome, glad to be of help!

    Yeah @zandyring – there’s a lot of that sort of thing that happens in the UK. We’re the most surveilled country in the western world I believe!

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