Custom CSS won't let me change font size

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    I’m trying to make the font larger with the custom CSS and no matter what I type in, it won’t change. I successfully changed the color and made it bold, so I know I’m doing something right, but whether I type in 12px or 40px it comes out the same. Help!

    The blog I need help with is


    The CSS you typed in before might not have been specific enough. In CSS, if there is a more specific rule, that one is used. Also, if there are two rules for the same thing, the later one is used. So if you set the font size in one area of your custom CSS and then set it again in later, the second rule would be used.

    Also, note that if you have adjusted the font type using the Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts tab in your dashboard, then you should use that page to set font size for site tite, headings and body text.

    Can you tell us some specifics? What font are you trying to make larger, and what CSS did you try already?



    Thanks. Some clarification:

    I’m mainly concerned about the text for the menu tabs across the top and the body text. I copied the CSS from the original template and edited the font size, color, type, boldness, etc. Everything changed except the size of the font. I changed every font size in the whole CSS to the same size, just to see what would happen, and none of them changed.

    This is what the beginning of the text part of my CSS looks like:

    I used the custom design fonts tab and made the body text as large as possible and it did not increase in size.


    Ah, I should have also asked for your blog URL because CSS may be different depending on your theme choice.

    Could you please verify your blog URL?




    I see you’re using the Nishita theme, what a difference! :)

    Try this to target the menu font sizes:

    #nav, ul {
    	font-size: 16px !important;

    Try this to target the font size inside the text area that shows up on the home page right now:

    .index-wrapper {
    	font-size: 16px;

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