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    I have transferred my custom design from one of my blogs to and it is showing up in my upgrades for this site but it won’t allow me to save any css changes in the new customizer panel. The new CSS editor is telling me to purchase the upgrade.

    All the css changes I make work… but they won’t save as the new customizer is not recognising that I have the upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have tried clearing cookies, internet files and good knows what else and still I can’t get the customizer to recognise that I have the Custom Design upgrade.

    Oh and I love the Sela Theme



    Hi Bren,

    Sorry about that! I just fixed the Custom Design upgrade so it’s working on your site now.

    You may need to restore the CSS changes you were working on before. To do that, you can head to the CSS section in the Customizer and click on “CSS Revisions” at the top (to see the previous CSS changes you were working on). Alternately, you can go directly to this link:

    You can click the links in the “CSS Revisions” box on that screen to view and restore your previous CSS changes.

    Please let me know if I can do anything more to help with that. :)



    Thank you very much… it works lovely now



    I am new to the blogging world and trying to get into it, I have the Sela theme downloaded and I cannot figure out how to use some aspects of it. I am looking to have many categories such as “Home page” “About Page” “Lifestyle” and “Photography”. I have added these to the main header but when I click on the link to it, it just gives me the option edit that page…I would like to post many things under each header!

    I really hope my question makes sense, I would love some feedback from you guys!! Thanks!!



    Yes, the question makes sense, but it is not a project for a beginner.

    Firstly, don’t hijack threads. Your issue is not related to this above issue. Do a search of the forum and you will find thousands of threads on your issue. They’ve all been answered. With this link:



    @mollyrubell — If you continue to have trouble setting up your site the way you’d like it, please start a new forum thread with your question so volunteers and staff can give you more help with that. Thanks!

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