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  1. I need help with changing the colour of my blog. I just donĀ“t know what you call that area. It's not the background. Its the area where I put the text and my photos. "The paper" on the desk, so to speak. I don't want it grey! I have no idea why it has turned gray? I want it to be white as a paper without changing any of the other colours. I do not want to have to use frames around my pictures and photos which I now feel I have to, to make it look nice. Please help me!

    Best wishes
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  2. Thanks for reporting this, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    This appears to be a bug when changing with the Custom Colors feature, and I'll report this to our developers so they can take a closer look.

    While I can't give a time frame, I'll be sure to reply back to your forum thread when I have updates.

  3. Can't wait as changing colours was the main reason I have paid for Premium!

  4. bautawitch, I reviewed this issue and I think that changing the content area background color to gray was an intentional design choice by our theme developers. I will double check that to make sure.

    In the mean time, you can always override a color choice like that with the CSS editor. For example, add the following to your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor to change the content area background color:

    #page {
        background: #F7F3EE;

    You can also change the color code to something else if you'd like:

    Also, we have a really fantastic community forum for CSS. Please visit any time if you have CSS or Custom Colors questions in the future.

  5. To follow up, I received confirmation that the color background change is intentional, and the CSS Editor solution I published above is the right way to change the content area background color.


  6. Thank you for your help! I have no knowledge of CSS but with your help I have now managed to change the content area to white. I have also managed to change some other colours as well so I'm a really happy user of WordPress again! :)

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