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  1. If I purchase Custome Design does that change the typing I do on a page or post. Do I then type in the codes of CSS or how does this work? I had purchased it but then cancelled because I saw no change in where I typed in my information. I want to be able to create a fancy website but I don't see how this works. What do I have to do? Thank you.
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  2. You'll still edit pages and posts as always, but you'll have the ability to choose your own fonts:

    style your theme via CSS:

    and (on some themes) easily choose colors:

  3. Let me make sure I understand this, no buttons or anything will show up, but I will be able to type in CSS codes and my page or post will recognize that and change it to the font and color I choose, something like that?

  4. I'm sorry to be a bother, but I'm confused. Without Custom Design I click on Text and type in <font color="blue"><font size="7">Hello</font> and then when I press on Visual it comes up with a large blue Hello. So I don't see what the change is.

  5. You have always been able to do that, even without Custom Design.

    That's HTML you're entering, not CSS.

    Custom CSS affects the design of your entire site.

    For more details, please see:

  6. I'm viewing all those sites, but does that mean I can type in CSS code instead of HTML and it will come out CSS way? I'm just learning CSS via CSS Web Design for Dummies, so if what I just as is correct would you please just show me a small example. Thank you.


  7. No, CSS is a style language, not a structure language, so it is not a replacement for HTML. The two complement eachother.

    Speaking in terms of a person, HTML represents the skeletal and muscular structure, whereas CSS represents the clothes the person is wearing.

  8. I understand HTML and CSS, my question is if I purchase Custom Design how does it effect the way I type in the pages or posts of WordPress?

    Just explain that and if possible show me a short example please. Thank you.


  9. Custom Design does not affect the way you type in Pages and Posts, that will never change.

    It will allow you to apply style changes to your entire blog overall.

  10. Without seeing I was just wondering if it gave me the tools in the back. Thank you.

  11. You're welcome!

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