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    I experimented with the preview tabs for the custom design package and it worked fine. But after I purchased it last night, it stopped working. When I click on customize on the drop down menu or get to it from appearance in my dashboard, my blog page comes up, the customization sidebar appears on the left of the screen – and then my page disappears; all that remains is the black background. I’ve emptied my cache, closed and reopened Safari, refreshed the page countless times. I can change the background color, but that’s ALL I see. A big blank page in another color. Useless at the moment.

    The blog I need help with is




    Can you please take a screenshot of what you are seeing, and then upload it to your media library?

    Making a screenshot

    Afterwards, can you please try to empty your cache and cookies, to see if that helps?

    Please let me know if that helped any; if not, I’ll see what else I can do.



    Hello again, are you still experiencing this issue? If so, please let me know. Thanks!


    Yes, I am!!! It’s really annoying, especially as it is a paid upgrade. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like when I am trying to change colors. As you can see, *I* can’t see the preview as I make changes.
    I have set to public so you can view it if that helps in any way. (While you’re there, maybe you could tell me why the drop down menus on my categories widget look off? :-)

    Thanks for your help.



    Hi thegretchenshow, could you try again and let me know if it works for you now?


    It does! Whatever you did, it is working now. Thank you very much, happiness engineer. ;-)

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