Custom design does not let me change picture width in slideshow gallery

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    I just purchased the Custom Design after reading that it would let me change the picture width in my slideshow galleries. By clicking on CSS function that the plug-in gives me, I can change the content width to whatever I like, however the real size of the displayed pictures remains the same (the one I had before buying Custom Design):

    How can I actually make those pictures show larger in the gallery? They are uploaded with 1600 pixels on the longest side and it’s quite poor to see them that small.. Thanks


    The blog I need help with is


    The way the slideshow operates is that it has a set width and height for images so that when someone is viewing it, it won’t jump around height wise when it goes from a landscape to portrait image, or when it goes between images with different proportions. The slideshow will always be shown at the maximum size for the theme you are using.

    From the Slideshow support page:

    How do I adjust the size of a slideshow?
    Slideshows are set to fill up the full content width of your theme. Resizing them is not currently possible but if you try different themes you will find that the size of slideshows varies.

    You might want to look at themes that have theme options for full-width layouts (no sidebar) and themes that are wider than the one you are using.

    I would recommend looking at the Photographer theme which gives you a lot of options on images:


    Thanks for your quick answer. I appreciate your willingness to help :-)

    I now purchased the Photographer theme, which looks pretty nice and clean indeed. Unfortunately, the size of the images in the slideshow does not appear any larger than in the former theme (see, and is definitely smaller than what the full-width layout of the new theme would allow. If only the dark gray window in which the slideshow finds place could be made higher, the images (which are uploaded way wider than they appear) could be shown with a more decent width, without any jumping around as the image changes. It’s obviously the height there is unnecessary limitations with.

    Furthermore, the new theme has some not so funny bug: when I select a header image (no matter how small) and apply it, it makes the title disappear as if header image and title text were given the same place in the page layout.

    For a photographer the possibility to show his photos in a way that lets viewer appreciate them is crucial. And I’m so frustrated by these tiny images that am considering finding another blog engine or some CSS genius that can fix things for me that way (though mine are so simple wishes that the most basic layout editors should let me take care of them). Anyway, thanks so far.


    The slideshow is designed with a good bit of negative space beside the images, but we can adjust that with a little CSS since you have the Custom Design upgrade. Go to Appearance > Custom Design > CSS, delete the informational text in that window and add the following and take a look at the preview and see what you think. Click around to other places you have slideshows and such and check those too. If you are satisfied with the results, click the save button.

    #gallery-3301-1-slideshow .slideshow-slide img {
        max-height: 570px !important;
    .slideshow-window {
        height: 570px !important;

    Although this could have been done on the theme you were using, it would have required more work. See what you think and let me know.


    If you wish to add a full-width image at the top of the page, that can be done with CSS, and we can help you with that if you are not familiar with CSS.

    The header image on the Photographer theme is more of a logo than a typical header. You can see the header image (logo) shown on the <a href=”
    “>demo page with the camera icon. The title, Photographer, is part of that image.


    Thanks so much! That made the slideshow exactly as I wanted it! But will it work both on slideshows in posts (like the one we discussed) and those inserted into pages? Cause it seems that the latter still show smaller than the one you fixed (and smaller than the files were, if I recall right).
    Never mind the header image, I can live without it.


    I had targeted things a little too specifically. Replace what I have given you with the following, which is broader in scope and covers pages too. Since the main page of your site has the sidebar, the slideshows will appear narrower on that page. I’ve not yet had luck on resizing the main page slideshow after removing the sidebar. If you want the main page to be full width too, it may take me a little bit to work out the code for that. Let me know. It might be nice though to have the sidebar on the main page for subscribers and recommended posts, etc., as you have it now.

    .slideshow-window .slideshow-slide img {
    max-height: 570px !important;
    .slideshow-window {
    height: 570px !important;

    Thank you so much “thesacredpath”, or I should rather call you “theholygrail”! You made my day. It is excellent as it is, and no need to see slideshows at full width on the main page, I rather have the sidebar. Again, thanks!


    Hooray, and you are very welcome. Your site is looking great.

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