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    I want to order custom design on my AND on my self-hosted copy of my blog. But on the latter that option doesn’t appear. Is it possible to get the custom design as well.

    The blog I need help with is


    On self-hosted, you should be able to do whatever you want. There is no need to buy an upgrade from here since is not involved in that in any way.


    Thanks “notawoodpecker”. In fact the person of the blog has a blog and wants to port it to an self-hosted but has very limited knowlegde. So the question was can he take the “custom design” with him to the new blog? The point is here the ability of the person to make design changes without CSS knowledge. The port/copy to self-hosted is necesassary due to other functionality he would include in the website …



    So the question was can he take the “custom design” with him to the new blog? and run on different software. themes cannot be run on software and visa versa.


    Thanks timethief. But in fact the theme bouquet from automattic is on both sites workable. I had it on the “.com” and on the “.org”. The question is NOT the theme, the question is the “custom design” feature to be expandable, copying (of course paying the anual fee) to the “.org” site. Thanks for your help.



    Hopefully you comprehend that the two versions of that theme withe the same name are coded differently so they run on either software or software. Working from there and knowing the themes are not identically coded we can safely conclude that the CSS editing will have to be redone.


    Ok then. That means I cannot have ease of “.com” carry over to “.org” for CSS. He would not make it on his own. I would have to tailor design, coding CSS for him. Thanks a lot. Threat closed (from my side).

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