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    Hi, i just purchased the custom design and I was wondering how can you edit the css but not the html??

    for example, say I do NOT want to go with a theme but I want to go with my own css and html?

    is that possible? If not how can I adjust my css if I do not know the html for the page

    The blog I need help with is


    You cannot edit your html on To see your html, many browsers allow you to View source or you can download firebug.

    You may rewrite your CSS completely, but most people will edit their CSS by adding to it in the box provided with the custom design upgrade.

    To rewrite your CSS completely would require quite a mastery of CSS and how it relates to your html.

    Read this for more clarification:



    Thanks for the answer, I forgot that you can view resource . I know how css relates to html. I just didn’t really know what html classes, spans, Etc my page was using . Therefore, making it hard for me to edit css for the unknown classes


    Yes, you need to see your html. :-) Good luck. Remember if you get stuck, you can post your specific problem here, be sure to mention your theme, and a volunteer or a staffer will help, as you can tell by looking back at some of the posts.

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