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    Hi support team

    Just purchased this morning, the Custom Design package isn’t quite what I expected. I thought the new features would appear in the main writing page menu kitchen something, just under the insert image symbol. All I get is an upper window with changes windows for major headings, font sizes etc. I just wanted a bigger choice for the interior text, under the paragraph options sub window. Since the new purchase options are not there, where can I find them, please. On-page help button sent me to TV, and I can’t resolve this myself. Could you point me to relevant support docs on this. Perhaps this is my mistake; I was satisfied before, but thought I should purchase something.

    On another matter, I’ve seen some instructions on domain mapping, but, being new to this, what I’d really like to know is what are advantages in doing it, i.e. bringing a previously registered domain here. Could you kindly direct me to the right place for info.

    Sorry for the troubled questions, and with thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    They really should tell people more about the Custom Design upgrade, because the #1 thing we hear about is people who bought it who do not know how to use it.

    You have to make the changes in the code itself. If you don’t know how to write or edit CSS code, you’re hamstrung. It does include special fonts, etc, but again, you have to know how to do it.

    Staff provide support for the Custom Design upgrade, so I will flag this to be moved to the CSS forum where they will presumably handle it.

    As for the domain upgrade, we’ve answered that a few times. A forum search should turn up those threads; the most recent one was just on the weekend.



    OK. Should I make this resolved or leave it open here? Thanks for the advice, raincoaster.


    To adjust the fonts using the Custom Design upgrade, just go to Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts. That tool is pretty easy to use and it let’s you select fonts and change font size for the ones you picked.

    The forums are a place to ask for help, so if you’re not sure how an upgrade works, asking here is just the right thing to do and someone will help you the best they can.

    Here’s a bit more info about the Custom Fonts feature in Custom Design:

    Here are the instructions for how to map a domain you already own to a blog:

    @raincoaster, do you have any specific suggestions about telling people more about the Custom Design upgrade? I see the same issue with domain mapping too. I think some people just jump in and try things out and I think that’s totally okay to do and that we can just do our best to help them learn about the upgrades before that as much as we can (not everyone will pay attention to it) and after they get one as well (instead of telling them it’s too hard and they have to know tons about coding first).

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