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    My Custom Design upgrade no longer works since I updated my theme from Duster to Twenty Eleven. The upgrade still shows up as active but any changes I make do not propagate to the site. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Is it possible that your upgrade has expired? If not, perhaps there is just a time delay. Hopefully one of the other members has a better answer for you.
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    Duster and Twenty Eleven are not the same themes. CSS is theme specific. If you have custom CSS and later change themes, you need to delete whatever CSS you have in the Editor, otherwise, you’ll get undesired results. To ‘reset’ a theme, you need to delete the CSS in the Editor, make sure the “add to existing CSS” radio button is checked, then save. Things should go back to normal.



    My upgrade is very much active as I paid for an additional year a couple of months ago.

    I deleted my Duster CSS when I changed theme and re-wrote my CSS for Twenty Eleven (the “add to stylesheet” radio button is on by default), but to no avail.

    No idea what’s going on. Everything worked fine with Duster.

    Thanks anyway for your feedback. Any other ideas?


    I checked the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS revisions for and there are several from today but the latest one is blank. Could it be you are trying to enter code that isn’t well formed? Could you try adding something extremely simple like the following as a test?

    p {
    	color: white;

    If you’re still having trouble, could you describe exactly what happens when you try to save changes? Do you see a spinner, any error messages, a completely blank screen?



    It’s working! There must have been something wrong with my syntax earlier. Not sure what though as I copied a couple of styles from the original sheet and modified them. Might have forgotten a semi colon or something.

    Feel like a bit of a douche now.. Thanks for your help!


    It never hurts to ask for help checking on things like this! I want to help make sure the tools are in good working order. :)

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