Custom Design preview that shows BOTH font and CSS alterations

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    I am working on a lesson for a web design class. Assignment: Choose a theme and set up a blog. Then customize the blog layout (fonts, colors, column widths, et al) using Custom Design, without saving. Do screen capture of preview and submit to teacher.

    Problem I have is that instructions they give in the online lesson are old and don’t take into account the TypeKit Fonts tab, which is separate from the Custom CSS tab. When I choose fonts I can see them in the Font Preview, but when I preview the the Custom CSS the font choices aren’t reflected in the preview. Is there a way to get changes in both tabs to show up in a preview that I can capture?

    The blog I need help with is


    There isn’t a way to do what you’re asking, but since the Fonts tab didn’t exist at the time the lesson was probably written, then the assignment probably means to change the fonts via CSS instead of using the separate Fonts tab that was recently added.

    See this page for some background info on font stacks which you can use on the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page:



    Thank you very much for your prompt response. I rather like what I’ve done design-wise with the free, built-in customization features offered through Twenty Eleven ( Custom fonts, in my opinion, are the only feature that would really add anything in the way of elevating the design. So, I think I will turn it in with the fonts fix and my rationale for doing so and see if it flies. If it doesn’t fly then I might be back for advice on adding some custom CSS. The Twenty Eleven CSS is massively more complicated than what I’ve had opportunity to learn so far! It made my head spin trying to figure out what and where to adjust it.

    BTW, Twenty Eleven is a nice theme. Thanks to whomever is responsible for making it so beautiful. :) This blog I’ve made is for a real person, which made it more fun. He’s going to enjoy using it. Will change the name (remove the “mock”) and transfer it to him soon.


    Thanks for the compliments!! The Twenty Eleven theme was made by Ian Stewart (iandstewart) and Lance Willett (lancewillett) with contributions from other core WordPress developers. It was released as part of WordPres version 3.2. Here’s the announcement post for it if you’re interested:

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