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    I was wanting to get the custom design upgrade, but then I saw this:

    “Please note that custom themes are only for privately-hosted sites using the software. They cannot be uploaded to”

    Does this mean that I can’t use after i buy a custom design package and I have to host through godaddy or something like that? Again, thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    No. It means you can’t buy a theme from OUTSIDE and apply it to your blog here. Lots of people buy these WordPress themes but don’t realize you can only use them on WordPress.ORG blogs, not WordPress.COM.


    Just for clarification, when I buy one of the custom themes (or custom design packages) from that means I can use it on, right? I read the article on the differences between and but was still confused.



    Please see these entries so you aren’t confused.
    Premium themes can be purchased and applied to one blog only and for the lifetime of the blog here at They cannot be exported later to installs as the two run on different software.

    Custom design upgrade frequently asked questions >


    Thank you so much…it is becoming more clear. This sure is confusing at the beginning but I appreciate all of your help!



    You’re welcome.

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