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    Will buying the Custom Design Upgrade apply to my other WordPress blogs? I have four and am worrying if this upgrade applies to all of them, or just one.

    The blog I need help with is



    Here’s what I found by searching the Support Docs for “upgrade”:

    Custom Design
    With the Custom Design upgrade, you can make your blog look exactly the way you want. The Font Editor lets you customize the fonts in your theme in a just few clicks — no coding knowledge required! The CSS Editor lets you customize the stylesheets of any available theme. Some themes, like the plain but versatile Sandbox and Toolbox, are blank canvases waiting for your custom CSS, fonts and images. Please note, however, that the Custom Design Upgrade does not permit the editing of the core PHP or template files of any theme. This upgrade costs $30.00 per blog, per year.



    Thanks for the quick reply. It would mean $120 per year to adjust my blogs this way and the changes would be relatively minor so I probably can’t justify it.


    What exactly are you wanting to do? There area number of us around here who have been here long enough to have worked out some workarounds.



    Remember: each upgrade applies only to one blog, and does only exactly what it says. Buying the domain upgrade so you can host ads (to mention one common mistake) doesn’t work.


    Also, there are several themes that might work for you out of the box. Some have theme options to adjust things like layout, etc. Check out the theme showcase.



    Heaven knows that’s true and previewing your site in the Dashboard>Appearance>Themes Preview gives a good indication of how your site will look dressed in the new theme before you commit.



    One small caveat. Many of the newer themes have a special homepage template that you cannot preview. They can only be used after you have activated the theme on your site.

    @designsimply-While I haven’t actually run through the entire Theme Showcase/Demos, do all those particular themes have a demo page for the special template?


    Not necessarily, but each theme showcase page should mention special templates if available. If you find any that aren’t, let me know.



    Maybe a new Feature Filter is in order? :)




    I looked into this and I found that we already do have specific tags such as “one-column”, “two-colums”, “three-columns”, “left-sidebar”, “right-sidebar”, etc that should cover this.

    And I checked out a few of the recently added themes and they usually have images showing the different layout options. For example, see the Multiple Layouts section here:



    Hello, We want to make minor changes to our theme “Matala”. We want to make minor fonts changes, add a box to the header, and an additional menu bar. Is this something that can be done if we upgrade?



    @isistaworld: You created a separate topic, so I suggest you refer to it instead.

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