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    I am trying to find the inexpensive upgrade that WP/Automatic used to offer that enabled folks to add custom CSS to a site.
    I cannot find this option in the current admin/change plan panels.
    Has this been eliminated?
    It used to cost around $12
    Instead, now I see 3 plans: free, mid tier (for about $!00 a year!), and the even more expensive business one.
    I must be looking in the wrong place, given that the admin panels now look completely different.
    If so, please advise where I should now go to activate the plain old affordable Custom Design option!!!

    thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Has this been eliminated?

    Yes. New individual upgrades have been discontinued. Only existing upgrades that have not expired can be renewed. For new a new purchase you need to purchase a Premium bundle now.

    See here for details on purchasing the annually renewable Premium bundle that contains a custom design upgrade required for CSS editing:
    Custom design – Frequently Asked Questions such as: I’m not sure if Customize is right for me. Can I try before I buy?

    Note 1: Once you have the required upgrade you can use this link so you can create a thread that will appear in the CSS Forum where you will get the help you need with CSS editing.

    Note 2: You can also post there prior to purchasing an upgrade to get an answer to whether or not what you want to do can be accomplished via CSS editing.


    wow. so i have to pay ~ $100 to add one line of css i need to change my theme’s header to white instead of the default color choices?

    that really sucks!



    i need to renew my $30 custom css design plan but do not wish to pay for the full premium package as i do not need the extra storage or video. according to timethief (in previous entry in this thread), new users cannot do this, but existing users can if their css customization subscription has not expired.

    that is the case with my account. the problem is, there does not appear to be a page — other than the one containing the premium plan upgrade — where i can renew the CSS only option for $30.

    Does anyone know the exact URL where this can be found??????????????????????


    Hi @kerin2014, I see that you have gotten your Custom Design upgrade renewed. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


    @doubletreepoa, I see you are using a Logo on your site. Has this given you what you are looking for?

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