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    I’m doing the 14-day trial of the custom design upgrade (even though I won’t have the money to pay for a permanent upgrade for a while) and I’ve been browsing through what’s available.

    On some themes, I’ve noticed that very few options are available for changing colors. I use San Kloud and the only colors I can change are for the site title (which can be changed without the upgrade) and the links & headers. Some other themes are similarly restricted. Is there any reason for this? (On San Kloud, I imagine that it would be a pain to program modifications to the text box/sidebar and all their shadows in one fell swoop… so maybe my theme is a bad example.)

    In all honesty, I don’t want to be wasting the volunteers’ limited time by asking for CSS code on a rarely used theme for things I’d just want to test…

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s the way the customizer works: the Colors section offers 1-click color schemes, the CSS editor allows you to change practically anything.

    The only complication on themes like San Kloud is that the shadows etc are images (as I showed you in another thread); so if you want to change their color or their shape you must first copy the original images to your computer, modify them in an image editing application and upload the new versions to your blog before you can use CSS to replace the original ones.
    If you don’t want unusual shapes and you only want regular borders or shadow effects, you can do it via CSS editing alone, as on any other theme.


    Ah, okay. Just by right-clicking on those images I can see how insane any sort of changes would be. But it’s hard to complain… it’s still a great theme that’s wildly different from anything else.

    And BTW, I did manage to get a new PNG header working like what I wanted. It turns out that those things are easier to create than I had imagined.


    I seem to be doing the trial too, though I didn’t ask for it; sorry, find it awful, and not helpful; hope it goes away soon :(

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