Custom DNS for other email provider

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    Hi, I’ve a blog that I’d like to use in an email address, i.e. to set (email redacted) to go to my current email provider – Orangehome.
    The following link seems to describe my situation.

    Firstly is this assumption correct? Can I do this or have I misunderstood?

    The instructions at the link above seem to be about configuring the email server details but nothing about the actual email user configured on that server.
    My email provider have provided the following server details :- Incoming Mail (pop3) server Outgoing Mail (smtp) server
    and I’ve taken a guess at adding
    MX 1
    to my custom DNS entry.

    Is this correct?
    What more do I need to do?
    What links wordpress to my username hosted on this server? Doesn’t this just point to the server and not my mailbox on it?

    I’ve searched the blogs but they normally point me back to the link above. Grateful for any help, thanks Ian.

    The blog I need help with is



    The example email address was redacted but I want something like email address “email at my blog name” to work and forward to my orangehome inbox.

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