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    Hi there,

    I’ve been having lots of complications with the transfer of my domain to my account and the masking of it. Most seem to have now been resolved bar one rather pressing issue and that is it has put a block on me receiving my emails.

    I had no idea that this could be a complication and the explanation regarding it is a little out of my depth of field.

    My domain registrar is 1&1 and they advised me that when I amended the name server to point to WordPress that it affected my email server and that WordPress needs to point the mail servers back to 1&1.

    They provided me with the following:

    1&1 MX Records (Mail server):

    I went to the domains section of the dashboard and completely didn’t understand what was required as the above when inputted was rejected. Eventually it accepted an edit of MX 0 which I saved. It’s now Monday and I still can’t receive any emails and what with them being work related I am somewhat concerned and would appreciate any assistance. It may be that I have done everything right and I just need to sit and wait for another 24 hours but if I haven’t, I need to get it sorted.

    Thanking you

    The blog I need help with is


    Further to I have just had a reply from 1&1 saying that the MX has to be what they stated. So how do I input that correctly into the WordPress domain settings?



    Thanks for that but having already referred to I am none the wiser. When I input

    into the DNS records field it responds with the following error message:

    We can’t save these records because they don’t look right to us. Check the errors below. Please contact support if you are unable to resolve the problem.


    1. This does not match any of the DNS record formats.
    2. This does not match any of the DNS record formats.


    I have actually (and hopefully) just managed to get it to work with info from this forum thread:

    I’ve amended it to:


    Once you got it to work, where did you check your email…? Through 1and1? Somewhere else? I am also having similar problems.


    In doing the above, I got WP to repoint the mail servers back to 1and1 and now continue to read email as I would have before this complication arose.

    It really isn’t very clear that this could happen nor in how to rectify it. However, in doing what I have itemised above, it does return to normal but it does take several hours to kick in and many more hours until you have received all interim emails. I think it took three days in all. Not ideal.

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