Custom DNS Records Help Needed

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    I recently added my own domain name ( to my wordpress page and my e-mail with no longer works. I know I need to enter new DNS records in order for my e-mail to work again.

    I purchased my domain name from

    They provided me with the following information for my new DNS records

    However these obviously dont work and I know it’s most likely because I dont know how to enter the information properly on the wordpress custom DNS records page. If someone could tell me how I should enter these into the custom DNS records that would help a lot since I can’t receive e-mails right now.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. This support doc explains how to add an MX record:



    When I transferred my site to WordPress.COM I kept the old email servers at my original host.

    This is what my DNS records looked like (numbers have been changed)

    A mail
    MX 10

    I had and still have a static IP address and that number is what went in the 255 part.

    I had to have the Staff translate some information I got from my Host as there was a formatting thing that was different from what my host uses to here at WordPress.COM.

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