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    i’m setting up a blog and have the domain name and emails with a 3rd party service provider.
    I understand about mapping the domain name so i can use my name for my wordpress blog, but i’m getiing confused on updating the cname and a records.

    i don’t want to change my email accounts. my registrar told me to change the A record so the IP points to the wordpress IP and update the cname

    so at the registrar it looks like this: A
    this would be changed to:

    myblog A ( Is this the correct WordPress IP?)

    now i’m getting confused on the cname CNAME mail.myregustrar,ca
    should this be changes to CNAME ?

    also I’m not sure I understand this custom DNS for wordpress
    would I just put in the information that I have from my registrar?

    sorry im a little confused about what to change at the registrar and what to add on wordpress.



    Hi Alex,

    Please take a moment to checkout this article on how to map an existing domain (one you own) to your blog. It should answer your questions.


    Hi aerych,

    We have upgraded our wordpress account to our own domain for a fee of £12.99, however we would like a company called 1and1 to manage our emails. They asked me to point the emails to them using MX and MX I’ve typed this in to the box where it allows me to edit DNS in my dashboard but it will not accept it.
    I’ve read your online suppport over and over, it asks me to go to STORE – DOMAIN – DOMAIN MANAGEMENT.
    I cannot access Domain Management to make any changes



    Those aren’t entirely correct, the MX records are missing priority numbers.

    I recommend that you ask 1and1 for the complete MX records, then add those to your Custom DNS panel.

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