Custom domain mapping not working.

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    I’ve mapped my custom domain to But when I try to load the page I get an error saying that safari can’t open the page because the server cant be found.

    The nameservers seems correct:

    But still my isnt showing on the internet. I’ve cleared my cache and cookies. I’ve updated my primary domain.

    Please help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member resolves to a WordPress.COM blog fine for me. It can take 24 to 72 hours for the changes to migrate across the internet, but usually changes start sooner. You can have problems with your local ISP caching data so you might be the last to see the changes.


    Thanks auxclass.

    So I’m replying for my girlfriend here. We changed the nameservers 14 days ago…

    Could it be that we need a zone-record? I have 2 more sites on wordpress with custom domains and the work just fine and I’ve set up just the same as the other 2.



    In the past all domains ending with .se – .fr etc have needed a zone record that you request from the staff. Not sure why one would work and another would not work unless on of the staff saw you posting about a problem and just added a zone record for you.

    You can request a zone record at: when they open the form on Monday or email them.

    contact support

    Here’s the email address Be sure you include all details.

    I will also flag this for the staff to add a zone record for you.


    Thanks auxclass again.

    I should probably clarify that we moved the domain from blogger and we have imported the posts from there. But I’m not sure if thats relevant since your able to se the page. So apperantly the page works just not for all.

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