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    If I upgrade to personal plan I could use
    On Personal plan info: Get a free custom domain name ( with this plan to use for your website. Does not apply to premium domains. What is a premium domain?Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi duducontursi,

    Premium domains are domains that already registered by someone but are being resold at a higher rate. is available for you to use if you are upgrading to a personal plan. One easy way to test this without confirming the purchase is:

    1. Add the “Personal” plan upgrade to your cart by pressing on Upgrade and going back to your dashboard on the payment screen.
    2. Go to “Domains” and search for your desired domain. If the domain says “Free with your plan”, it means that you could use it with your plan.


    Hi @duducontursi

    A Premium domain name are domain names that are usually sold at a premium price, (e.g. upwards of $1000) and are usually domains like “” or “”

    A Personal Plan upgrade with a free custom domain should cover the purchase of your domain.

    More about premium domains if you’re curious:

    Let us know if you have any more questions!



    dericleeyy and gregariousbadger
    So many thanks for the answer!!!

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