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Custom domain registration not working?

  1. I'm trying to register a new blog on a custom domain name (with a .com address) but when I click on "Create Blog" it just brings me back to the same page. Doesn't ask for payment details or anything.

  2. Hi. Have you tried any of the tips here?

  3. Yes, tried a different browser, and clearing the cache and cookies. Same problem.

    Worth mentioning, perhaps, that it was broken in a different way yesterday. When I tried to register yesterday, it gave me When I tried again, it gave me

  4. To upgrade one of your sites to a custom domain can you head to Store > Domains? that should let you add the domain directly to your site. I haven't seen any other reports of errors but I'll keep an eye out.

  5. Thanks, that did it. But maybe then you should modify the page? It appears to give you the option of registering a new blog with a custom domain name, but then doesn't let you do it. That's where I got stuck.

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