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Custom domain - share/view counts.

  1. marlagottschalk

    If I add a custom domain I know I will lose the share counts to Twitter, LinkedIn, Will I also lose the stats on the number of views, that I can use to book advertisers?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is not a frivolous question. Are you concerned about numbers or reality? I consider the number duplicated from the social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) when one uses Publicize to autopost to be deceptive and I don't use Publicize. When those numbers are shared with advertizes as if they constitute reality I gag.

    Will I also lose the stats on the number of views?

    Your page views recorded on your stats page reflect reality.!/my-stats/ The rest is for lack of a better word are fakes.

  3. No, you will not lose those stats, but no, you cannnot book advertisers. Blogger-initiated ads are banned here and will get your blog suspended.

  4. ~~raincoaster
    Thanks for the catch. :)

  5. marlagottschalk

    I though there were possibilities here:

    This is through - WordPress - not from outside sources.

    Has this option been discontinued.

  6. marlagottschalk

    I already understood that outside ads were not allowed.

    "Booked" may have been the wrong choice of words. Thanks for the info.

  7. WordAds are still working - but you need to apply and be accepted for them to run on your blog

  8. marlagottschalk

    I see. I will explore that.

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