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    Can these things be done to my blog via editing the CSS???

    1: Id like to, if possible, create a simple camera move animation in Adobe After Effects to bring together all of the elements in my header when a visitor first arrives at my blog. Is this possible? If so, what kind of file should I save the animation out as?

    2: the titles “Vimeo, iTunes, Youtube, & Myspace…” can they be made into clickable links? Id like to have those linked to my profiles for those sites so when you click on it, it takes you there.

    3: lastly, on my “Movies” page, notice how you have to scroll down the page to see all the movie thumbnails, is it possible to add an elevator button that would maybe display only a few at a time, thus allowing the user to scroll through the thumbnails right there, without going all the way down to the bottom of a page?

    If any of these are possible, Id let my web guy know and he would take care of it, not me. Thats why Im asking here. I have no idea whats possible through editing the CSS. Thank you.



    If you have a ‘web guy’ he’s more likely to know the answers to those questions than the volunteers here on the forums! My guesses would be:

    1: Yes, I should think so, but no, I don’t know what format.

    2: Can’t see any reason why not.

    3: No idea.


    Also be aware of what is posted in this other thread you started on basically the same subject:

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