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    Hi, i just bought a domain, how do i go about creating myself an email address with this domain, (email redacted)
    thanks for your response

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you look at the Support site? Here’s what I found by searching for “domain email”


    thanks, i just completed the process and now have to wait for the verification. btw, do you know if i have to make my paid-for site,, the primary site to use email? As of now, my primary blog is the wordpress site and paid-for site points to it.



    First of all, for clarity, you didn’t pay for your site. You paid for your domain.

    There is no advantage in pointing to and in fact you should make your domain name the primary domain in the Domain dashboard. See here:

    Whether you need to set your primary domain to to use google apps for email, I’m afraid I do not know for sure, but my guess by looking at the support doc is yes. Hopefully another forum volunteer or staff can assist with an answer.



    I’m looking for answers to the same problem, but am not wanting to use google apps to set up the email account; is there a way to do this using Windows Live?



    I would suspect that the process could be carried over to any email provider that supports MX records for a domain hosted elsewhere, but again do not know for sure. You will need to look at the support documentation/help center on Windows Live.

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