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    I have a blog under a custom domain and would like to enable post-by-email. Using the “My Blogs” method will give me a random (and fairly crufty) email address, which I know will trip up the group members who’ll struggle to remember the right address. Can I specify a name for my post-by-email address, using our custom domain?

    The closest I’ve found to this on the Forum got sidetracked into using Google mail for the drop box. I’ve already paid WP for the domain; can’t I use it for the secret email box?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Perhaps this will work: create an email address of your choice (using Google Apps or your current email provider) and have it forward all messages automatically to your secret post-by-email address.



    Make sure whatever you do don’t let the email into general circulation or you will get Viagra spam stuff posted to your blog – I would just email the address out and have them add the address to the address book.




    That’s true… And by all means don’t choose an easy address such as “info” or “webmaster” for post by email.

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