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Custom Favicon

  1. Our blog is hosted at, but we have a CNAME from our domain ( to our blog (

    Is there any way to get to use the same favicon as on our regular site (

    I.e. since there's a mapping for the page, couldn't we add a mapping from to ?

    I saw this discussed (without resolution, apparently) in the Ideas forum ( but has there been any definitive answer to this?

  2. The best bet is to continue to request the Favicon icon via feedback. Be aware that has a vested interest in keeping things WP specific rather than giving the branding scope a favicon would offer; I would expect it to be a paid upgrade eventually.

  3. Hello all,

    I know this was a while a go, however I am still hopping one of you could help me figure out how to froward or change the favicon on my blog. I have checked numerous blogs and I can tell that it is possible. If anyone can help, it will be appreciated, greatly.


  4. how can you tell this is possible? We do not have favicons for blogs.

  5. wizack, maybe you looked at blogs? Or you have a .org blog and are on the wrong forum?

  6. I received the following answer from my feedback:

    > The favicon is planned and will be happening.

    The question remains... WHEN..?

  7. reynie: only staff can give you the answer. =)

  8. > The question remains... WHEN?

    must be when two Sundays meet together... it's been requested since almost the very first day this forums were open (19 months ago).

    having avatar feature already implemented, wonder what else has to be planned to use uploaded images as favicons?

  9. Haha... when two Sundays meet together...

    It's kinda weird that even the paid users that have 'domain mapping' are not able to put there own favicon.

    Is it that difficult to implement this tiny "thingie"?

  10. The bottom line here is that this kind of dialog between end users is not as effective as putting your case forward to staff may be. On Monday during working hours you can send in your request using this link

  11. It was the red Hunter's Moon...that's what got them talking. Now we need to wait for the Blue Moon to get it implemented.

  12. the bottom line here is that blogger above had already put his case forward to staff.

    > Is it that difficult to implement this tiny "thingie"?

    there's almost nothing to 'implement' as I can see, it's rather a branding matter and a question of whether .com users are allowed to have that custom tiny "thingie".

  13. @options
    Well I want one too and I want it now. ;)

  14. I see my blog doesn't has a favicon linked in HEAD, gonna allow have custom favicon? :D

    AFAIK, just need to have this in the HEAD:
    <link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href="" />

  15. I've already asked the staff twice to give us* our custom favicon.

    The feedback answer is always the same:
    > The favicon is planned and will be happening.
    > We don't give dates though, sorry


    * = domain mapping paid users

  16. thistimethisspace

    And you posted here again because ...? Only staff can tell us when this is happening. Volunteers answering forum questions have no prior notification of new features.

  17. I want my favicon!

  18. @thegayzette
    Please send your request to staff
    Support hours are 9-5 PM Pacific time on weekdays.

  19. just don't be surprised when your request will be met with: "custom favicon is planned" or something like "it's under consideration".

  20. Gee how hard it is to add the custom favicon feature? :( Ok, take your time, but don't take forever. like "thegayzette" would say: "I want my favicon!"

  21. @techblogr: Hopefully it's a feature that's coming soon, but in the meantime, have you sent an email to staff to let them know you'd like to see it implemented? Every requests helps, if only as a reminder. Support is closed on weekends, but you can reach them tomorrow via .

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