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custom FavIcon and FeedIcon

  1. it would be great if each blog could have a custom favicon and a feed one.

    I can understand that themes customization is related with security issues, but as far as I know there is no such problems with favicons.

    guess it's not hard to implement if there's an image upload.

    as for branding I am sure it won't be an issue, but in contrary it could broad's target group.

    anyway, it'd be a progressive (if not to say more) step in the hosted weblog segment!

  2. I agree, favicons would be a nice little extra. I would also like to see using the new standard feed icons in its themes, if only because they would be prettier than some of the current links (yes, vile orange boxes on Regulus, I'm looking at you).

  3. i vote for favicons as well. the little customizations go a long way.

  4. yes please enable the use of favicons, its those nice little touches that seperate from the res

  5. I vote for favicons as well but really see no method of doing this without allowing ftp access.

    Maybe a collection of them and we can pick and choose between them like we currently do with themes?


  6. actually, there is no any need in FTP access to upload an icon.

    favicon can be uploaded onto user space via plain vanilla HTTP, just the same way as a regular image uploading done in the message editor.

    all the other trickery to make an HTTP client to be capable to:
    GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1 <br /> Host:
    is a job of the particular hhtpd and its modules, is running on (LiteSpeed).

    yep, itsa kinda magic, but it aint that absolutely impossible or too hard to implement at all.

  7. Is there any latest development to this issue?

  8. Um, what's a favicon? I assumed it was an avatar, which we now have. If someone could give me the 411 I could perhaps find some information.

  9. Rain, it's that little icon that appears in the URL window in most browsers. Here at, it's the circle W symbol. At, it's a tiny pic of Kim Possible, at it's a "d.b" symbol...

    It's actually hard coded into each of the themes. I don't know if Option's trick would work.

  10. actually nothing about it is hardcoded in the themes. as usually. there's one AFAIK ('Green Marine') that has its own one.

    as I already wrote in about 9 months ago, it's just a matter of adding another dozen lines of spaghetty code to the big ball of mud. all it needs an uploaded image, pretty much the same as avatars handled.

    nice try is to send in Feedbacks with requests of 'Custom FavIcon/FeedIcon'.

    btw, current default Favicon (and hence all feeds FeedIcons) is just terribly ugly (striken) visually challenged: that somber black logo may well suit for some heavy-metal fan's t-shirt, but it makes me really down, especially when I can see several of such in a row in the feed-reader.

    not speaking it uses a non-transparent (white) background around its black circle which makes it even more miserable.

    may be we could have some contest for the new in something more cheerful colours one?

  11. Sure it would be nice...
    I have been missing my old favicon...
    Please give us that option !

  12. Favicon please! :-)

  13. Yes, favicons!! We want them - please, please, please!

  14. Yep, favicon would be very appreciated!

  15. yes please!!! favicon to personalize our blogs!
    This option isnt very complication, but adds a whole lot.
    Thanks :)

  16. Hmm, actually it isn't hard coded. It used to be...

  17. Interesting. So what's the conclusion on this? Nothing, right? I sent something to feedback asking about the very same thing months ago. I think they said that it's in the works.

  18. That black and white thing is reminiscent of the Gestapo :)

  19. You, i'd like to have a cattish favicon too... :)

  20. woo hoo for favicons!

  21. Yes... please... go for... Favicons :)

  22. I emailed feedback and said the option will be available shortly.... still waiting

  23. @snobkels
    Thanks for sharing this information. :)

  24. I vote for this option too.

    Thank you.

  25. Please add this ASAP.

  26. i would be very happy to have one. If it is possible, then please give this chance for users to have personalised favicons

  27. A feedback would give more weight to the issue....

  28. please... favicons

  29. And as drmike said, "A feedback would give more weight to the issue..."

  30. thumbs up for favicons

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