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    I have purchased the custom design for blog and later realised that it is totally unuseful to me with my css knowledge. What i could do was chane the original site title fonts of the Blaskan theme to Raleway (worth the money, NOT)..Anyhow im paying for only one thing, to see the Raleway, which in 90% cases i dont see. I have tried on chrome, on explorer, on safari, on a mac, on a pc, on a blackberry, on an iiphone. (i cleared the cache), in all these cases in 90% of the cases i see the original fat and ugly Blaskan font for the site title…WHAT TO DO???? thanks!!! :):(((

    The blog I need help with is



    actually i meant the headings fonts not the site title, sorry :)


    This can happen if there happens to be some slowdown on the internet between your computer and the Typekit font servers, or perhaps the servers are experiencing a heavy load and your browser times out and decides not to wait for the fonts to be uploaded. There are literally hundreds of things that could cause this, and this is one of the drawbacks to web based fonts. It is just the reality of the web and it also occurs for people that might host their images on an image editing site and then link to them from their blog. If the above things occur, no images show up on their site.

    This is just sort of the reality of the web. It isn’t perfect and never will be, but it gets better and a little more reliable each year.

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