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    I’ve chosen to use Droid Sans for the title on my site.

    The font settings are identical to those for the title on my self-hosted site at

    Why is the .com version not as pretty when I view it using the Google Chrome browser? It’s quite badly rendered on my desktop computer screen, but looks just fine on the iPad and in Internet Explorer.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is the free hosted blog in question > and using Firefox 8 I see an identical font display to what I see here >



    I’m a bit confused at what I’m seeing, since it appears that seems to have a domain mapping to


    Yes, confusingly, the domain redirect happened overnight New Zealand time.

    Both are now identical. On my Chrome browser the fonts don’t display crisply, but they do on IE and Safari.

    I’d say this is a browser issue rather than a WordPress one.



    I agree that this seems to be a browser issue.

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