Custom Font on Ryu theme doesn't work in Safari

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    Is there some sort of CSS override that I can use so that my custom font changes will work in Safari. On my blog, it’s only the header for each post that is affected. On Chrome, etc, the header font appears as the one I selected from the customization dropdown… on Safari, it defaults to to the Theme default for that header. Are their lines I could add to the CSS customization window? Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m seeing the same font (Museo Sans) on Firefox and Safari. Perhaps you need to check your browser preferences/settings. Which version of Safari are you using?


    I’m using Safari Version 6.0.4 (8536.29.13). I just checked Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Safari still shows the font that is the non-Museo-Sans default. Just to be clear, on the page, I’m seeing “Betting the Farm” and all the other main titles as that default.


    (And shows just fine in Firefox and Chrome.)


    Interesting, I disabled “Ghostery” and it displayed fine. I suppose that’s problem solved. I’ll have to look at Ghostery support to see why it would intercept the font changes.

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