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    I need some help changing the color and font of the heading in the box where the comments are. I need help finding the right place in the stylesheet and help writing the right code. I have my CSS in advanced, so no add ons please :) and I’m new to CSS, so please be very specific :) I want to use this font “font-family: “lobster-1”, “lobster-2″, sans-serif;” and this color “#463242”

    Thanks so much!

    Best, Denice

    The blog I need help with is



    Seems you’ve already have what you are looking for! (‘kommentarer)



    No, unfortunately I didn’t find what I was looking for. Only the mobile version has the right font for heading in the box with the comments.


    I want to use this font “font-family: “lobster-1”, “lobster-2″, sans-serif;”

    I checked and I looked at the title of the latest post, “Griserulle med Kål,” and it appears with the Lobster font when I test it. I tested with Chrome 28 and Firefox 22 on a Mac. Here is an example of what I see in Firefox:

    I also see Lobster being used for words like “kommentarer” and “kategorier” at the bottom of posts on the page and I see the heading “Skriv et svar” at the bottom of single posts like using the Lobster font as well.

    If you’re still having trouble, could you provide a link and some example text so I can try to make sure I’m looking at the same thing you’re looking at?



    Heh. Didn’t see that until after I replied. :)

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