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custom fonts

  1. Since when do we have to pay an additional $30 a year for custom fonts? I've been using the TypeKit custom fonts on my site for two years and suddenly today I find they've been deactivated. What gives? This is outrageous.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The June 15th, 2011 announcement is here >

    Frequently Asked Questions
    I’m already using Typekit fonts on my blog. How will the Custom Design upgrade affect me?

  3. Well, apparently I wasn't "grandfathered in forever" because my fonts have been reverted to their default theme styles. How can I correct this?

  4. Without have to pay an additional $30/year, that is!

  5. Unless you somehow changed your original Kit ID# on TypeKit, they should still be working, at least they are on my personal site.

  6. Hm, and I'm seeing the TypeKit fonts on the site you linked to above, as well as the TypeKit banner in the lower right corner of your site.

    What browser and version are you using to view your site? (I'm using Chrome 21.)

  7. Latest version of Firefox. Kit ID# same as before. Also, I cleared all temp files and cookies just to sure, but this didn't help.

  8. Can't grab a screenshot at the moment. Will be back later.

  9. Thank you!

  10. I'm also seeing custom fonts using FF 14.0.1.

  11. So it seems my problem is internal. Thanks for feedback.

  12. I thought that wwas the case because I could see the custom fonts.

  13. I'm seeing them, too.

  14. Thanks for your confirmation, tt.

    @tobymarx- can you view your site in a different browser, and, if so, can you see the custom fonts?

  15. You can upgrade any browser version or download a new one at this site.

  16. Same problem in IE8.

  17. Am using Firefox 14.0.1.

  18. No problem for me in IE8 whether or not I'm in compatibility mode.

  19. Huh! I'm completely at a loss about this.

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