Custom Fonts don't seem to be working

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    I’ve just purchased the Custom Design upgrade (as part of the WordPress Value Bundle), but I’m having trouble with the custom fonts functionality. I can increase and decrease the size of text, but none of the font selections changes the font from the the default theme font (despite my waiting quite awhile for changes to take effect). It looks like my selections are being accepted, but neither the preview text nor the live text on my blog shows any change in the actual look & feel of the font, regardless of which font I choose. I am using the Frostpress Comet theme, and am wondering whether certain themes don’t allow for their default font to be changed? In any event, any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    The preview on the font page never seems to work for me.

    I’m seeing the telltale signs of typekit activation in your source code on your site, so try again and then make sure and save.



    Will do. I just selected and saved a couple of “sans serif” fonts for the headings and body text — I’ll see if they show up soon. Thanks for helping out; I really appreciate it.


    You are welcome, and indeed a little wait is a good thing as sometimes it initially will take ten or fifteen minutes or so.



    Hmmm, unfortunately the wait didn’t do any good, as my font stubbornly refuses to change. Can you think of anything else that might work?

    Unless you have any other thoughts, I’m thinking that perhaps the Custom Design upgrade just isn’t for me. Do you know whether there’s a good way to contact WP about obtaining a refund for part, but not all an upgrade bundle (I still want to keep the video upgrade and web domain that were part of the package)?

    Thanks again for your help!


    The font thing works, there are thousands using it, but there is just something going on.

    As far as getting a partial refund, I don’t think you can do that on a bundle. They would have to refund the entire thing which would mean you would lost the domain name and such as well.

    Have you reviewed the support document, ?



    Ok, I’ll hang in there a little longer and see if I can make the font feature work. I have looked through that support page – I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything right insofar as using the font editor in “standard mode” goes, but I haven’t yet attempted to do anything with the kit editor in “advanced mode.”

    The +/- size button in the font editor does seem to work (at least on body text, I haven’t tried it yet on headings or the site title).

    Do you think that there’s any chance that some setting in my template (Frostpress Comet) may somehow be overriding my attempts to change the font?

    Also, I haven’t looked through my other blog settings to see if I’ve made any selections that perhaps I should now deactivate. I can’t think of anything (and would assume that this would have been something that WP would have flagged, at least in the support document), but I can take a look to see if anything looks promising…


    I’ll tag this thread for staff attention and have them take a look at things.

    First off though, go to settings > reading and set your site to show at most 3 posts per page. I’m now at 3+ minutes on my wireless internet service and your page still isn’t close to loaded. I would never wait that long for a site to load and it is really difficult for me to check anything since most times the fonts load last.



    That’s very odd. I have changed the site to be only 3 posts per page, but I’m actually quite surprised it is taking so long for the site to load – it takes only a couple of seconds when I refresh.

    The only thing that’s different about my most recent post is that, for the first time, I used the WordPress video upgrade feature to actually embed a video in my post (rather than just grabbing a video off of Youtube or a similar site). I can’t see why that would slow things down, but – just in case you want to try loading individual posts rather than the whole site — my most recent post is:

    Setting His Own Dinner Table: Spontaneous Tool Use by a Dingo

    and the one before that was:


    Down hill with a tail wind I’m lucky to see 200kbps average connection speed (not really even in the realm of “broadband” since that is defined as anything over 256kbps. At times I’m down in the 33k modem range. And no, I cannot get a “real” internet connection as there is no cable or DSL where I am living right now.




    Well, that may be a sign that you’re living in a very nice place – there are definitely advantages to being a bit insulated from the march of civilization! Thanks again for all your efforts; as I mentioned before, much appreciated.


    I’m seeing custom fonts loading, I’m just not seeing the applied anywhere on the site. Normally when I look at the CSS on a site, I can see where the fonts are being applied, but not in this case.


    We’ll have to wait for staff.


    You are welcome, and yes, living in a rural area like I am definitely has its advantages. Still, for someone who tries to make a living doing websites, it is quite a challenge.



    I can imagine! Thanks again.



    Hi, just checking in on this – my custom fonts still aren’t doing their thing and haven’t yet heard anything from staff (I think I have until tomorrow morning to request a refund, so would be great to get this figured out…). Is there a staff contact I can reach out to?





    Thanks, I just left the staff a detailed question!



    @macmanx, thanks for the update.



    You’re welcome!

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