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    This morning, I purchased the custom design package for the year, and changed my blog fonts. It was working for a couple of hours, but tonight, the blog fonts are back to the Twenty Eleven default. When I go to edit the fonts, it says they are the custom fonts I had selected.

    Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m seeing the standard fonts on your site as well.

    I’ve successfully changed fonts on my test blog, but the backend was quite flakey and the preview keeps coming up with an error. I also had to force refresh my site a couple times before the font actually showed up.

    Try going into custom design and to the fonts area and hit save again and see if that does it. I would suggest after doing that that you clear your browser cache and then visit your blog, or force refresh it.



    Thanks! I tried clearing my cache and it still didn’t work. I usually use Firefox Mozilla, so I switched over to Chrome… the site still showed standard. Then I logged into my WordPress account on Chrome, saved the fonts (no preview error this time!) and the fonts are now visible when I view my site on Chrome.

    Now… the question is, why is Mozilla not showing the fonts, but Chrome is?


    I just looked in Opera, Safari and Firefox and in Opera and Firefox, I saw the new fonts, but in Firefox I did not. After clearing the cache in Firefox and force reloading the page, now I see the fonts in Firefox.

    Something seems a little flakey with the fonts right now. Try clearing the cache and restarting Firefox and see if they show up.



    I’m using Firefox 5.0 and I can see the font change. I had to refresh to get it though.



    I have the exact same problem, by the way. New fonts appear sometimes, and sometimes the default ones load. Quite disturbing.



    I still haven’t figured it out! Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don’t. I agree, very frustrating, especially after having paid for the upgrade.



    I see the font change when using IE8 but I do not see it when using Firefox 5.0.1.


    I checked and I can see the custom fonts working properly in Firefox 5.0.1. I tested from a Mac OS X Snow Leopard and a PC with Windows 7. I’ll also check around here to see if anyone else has the trouble you’ve described.


    Found some leads. Looking into it.


    Found some troubles. Waiting for an update.

    Here’s a note from Typekit’s status blog: “We’ve discovered that we have an expired SSL certificate for This is affecting the API if your client checks SSL certificates. In this case it will issue a security warning. We’re working on getting our new certificate installed as soon as possible. We will have an update shortly.”


    Btw, this current issue should not have affected abarto’s blog back when this thread was first started on July 10, so as soon as this trouble is fixed up on the Typekit side, we’ll re-visit and check everything for you again.



    designsimply, Thank you so much for the follow up! I look forward to seeing any changes. I’m on my blog now, and the custom fonts are not showing up.



    All fonts support should be back to normal now. If you have further trouble let us know.

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