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custom fonts within sight template not loading properly

  1. custom css scripts were working fine when it was on Now that we have moved over to our own site ( it seems that all of our custom css script has not moved over. Please help.
    Blog url:

  2. You're still using the system controlled on Typekit's end.

    You'll either need to update the site's domain on their end, or switch to the basic system via Appearance -> Custom Design -> Fonts in your blog's Dashboard.

  3. thank you. I had it updated in Appearance->fonts in dashboard, but not in Typekit.
    However, the correct fonts have been displaying in Chrome, but not Firefox. I'm hoping the new updated in Typekit will correct this.

  4. You're welcome!

  5. still not working....anyone have any other ideas?

  6. Do you have any luck if you switch to the standard controls at Appearance -> Custom Design -> Fonts?

    Also, the font declarations in your CSS could be overriding your custom font choices.

  7. I switched to standard controls, no luck.

    what do you mean about font declarations in your CSS? Sorry, I am a CSS newbie....appreciate your help.

  8. You're setting several fonts in CSs (Appearance -> Custom Design -> CSS)

    For example:

    body {

    Removing such things might make an improvement.

    Also, it looks like you're still using the advanced font controls.

  9. We are trying to override the default fonts with futura-pt and museo, two fonts we bought through typekit. The custom CSS is only to make changes to font-family, there have not been any changes in positioning/color etc. The issue is that the font styles we declared in our custom CSS are not overriding the default font styles.

  10. Ok, everything on this end appears to be correct then, it just seems like TypeKit isn't letting the fonts through.

    I recommend getting in touch with them.

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