Custom Fonts/Design Feature Not Showing up in Firefox

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    Hi There,
    The custom fonts (and header) I just purchased aren’t working in Firefox, though they work fine in Safari. (I haven’t checked Chrome or IE) Any ideas?
    I’m using the Kubrick theme.

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to the site please so that we can take a look.


    Oh so sorry! Thought it showed up–
    However I just upgraded Firefox and it seems to be working now. Off to check Chrome.
    My blog is

    Thanks so much!



    I am using Firefox 5.0.1 and the blog in question is displaying correctly.


    Hmm scratch “it all seems to be working now.” The custom fonts show up, but the header is wonky in Firefox. Ie the blue background, that is white in Safari.


    Firefox can these days be a little too clingy to cached files. Clear your FF cache, restart FF and then have another look. Also I’ve noticed that sometimes the custom fonts can be a little slow to load and at times I’ve experienced them not loading at all, but typically a forced refresh of the page straightens things out.


    Hi Timethief,
    Thanks so much for checking! Is the header background blue?


    Ok. I’ll do that. Thanks so much TheSacredPath!


    You are welcome.

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