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  1. 3delamadrugada


    after 55 minutes of searching I´ve not been able to know the css code for customizing the footer.
    I just want to add

    © david fernández powered by wordpress twenty ten theme

    but making dissapear the wordpress icon. like this blog

    I know I can add this with a text widget, but I don´t want the wordpress icon downthere.

    until I find how I just have erased it with the

    #footer {

    thank you a lot. I´ve try to search it. I swear.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but the footer text cannot be altered.
    I would suggest using a text widget at the bottom of your other widgets.

  3. 3delamadrugada

    hi, thanks for the reply.

    I´ve seen (in my yesterday´s search) 8 blogs with the footer text altered! so it can be done.

    this one for instance:

    well... I´ll have to write to the owner of this blog so he´ll tell me how. if not I´ll put it on a widget on the side... but the footer with the wordpress logo...
    I just can´t stand logos. too much for me.

  4. @3delamadrugada
    Mark the head of all support? If he says it cannot be done then I suggest you may wish to listen to him.

  5. @3delamadrugada

    The site that you reference is a self hosted WordPress site - a very different animal than WordPress.COM. A self hosted site give you total control over what is done, but your level of technical skills need to be way higher (or hire it done) $ 10 to $25 a month plus you need to register your own domain. With the total control you have an unlimited ability to crash your blog.

    For more on the difference:

    To see how many people are having trouble with their self hosted sites:

  6. The bottom line is: This cannot be done on 3delamadrugada's wordpress.COM blog and Mark has said so. Mark is the head of all Support.

  7. 3delamadrugada

    oh! sorry... I didn´t know that blog was a blog, I though it was a .com
    I understand the differences... I don´t want to have a self hosted blog because I suppouse what it means.
    I love all the tools wordpress has got, and the easy use of them.

    so I´ll see how I do manage with it.

    thanks for the replies

  8. I have to say this is really putting me off As much as I love it so far, for business purposes it doesn't suit to have such prominent branding (and my dev team won't let me self-host due to malware concerns).

  9. This is putting me off I love it so far, but for business purposes it doesn't suit to have such prominent branding (and my dev team won't let me self-host due to malware concerns).

  10. Really? It's my opinion that anyone who has a free blog that's provided by and being free hosted by like you and I do, ought to be delighted to let the world know that they can get a free blog too.

  11. If Jonathan Turley one of the premier legal authorities has his personal blog hosted here (domain mapping and it looks like no add upgrade) and seems to have no problem with the WordPress branding - judging from the number of people that go to the wrong Forum for help a large number of bloggers don't really know the difference in the software they are using - or who their host is -

  12. @auxclass
    Interesting observation.

  13. hello again,

    please someone explain to me again because I just don´t get the point.
    I see the timethief blog that hasn´t got the wordpress logo in it´s footer.
    there is a "blog at wordpress" and "theme by..." and that´s what I want to do... to take out the blue W wordpress logo (too much for me) and write something like "blog at wordpress, theme by twenty ten"

    is that possible for me to do it?
    could anyone tellme the css code I can use?

    I would appreciate it so much,
    thanks a lot.

  14. Timethief is not hosted here: she is hosted somewhere else, and does not have a blog. She has a blog with software from instead.

    The only staff person in this thread has told you no, you cannot do what you ask. That's the definitive answer.

  15. 3delamadrugada

    ok. sorry. I just saw in her blog "blog at" so I thought "well, if there is and and this blog says is from maybe there´s something I lost in translation..."

    ufff... I feel like in school... "listen well what the staff did told you, you can´t so you can't. there´s no more to talk about"

    I´m just trying to learn and to understand.

    thanks anyway

  16. In fact, even if I find that your W is ridiculously tiny, you might decide to change your theme because some themes do not deliver this logo.

  17. it´s not only about the W. I love twenty ten theme... but why "Blog at wordpress...", I mean... I want my clients and people from my profesional enviroment to look at my site as a WEBSITE, not as a BLOG... I know wordpress is a "blogs" site, but with their tools you can build a more "website" looking.

    one more strange thing... from my spanish wordpress the W and the "blog at wordpress" have just disappeared. that´s fantastic!!!
    but who´s done that??!!
    I haven´t, I swear.

    because in the english version:

    it´s still there.

    this is really strange, isn´t it??

  18. To remove the wordpress logo in your footer:

    #site-generator a {background:none;}

    To remove the wordpress link in your footer:

    #site-generator {display:none;}

    To remove everything in your existing footer except your custom widget and to style that text to appear as a regular footer:

    #site-generator, #site-info {display:none;}
    #colophon #first {width:100%; color:#000; font-family:"Helvetica Neue",Arial,Helvetica,"Nimbus Sans L",sans-serif; font-weight:bold; font-size:1.166em;}

    Thanks for the including my name. It would be amazing if you could change it to "Luke Hall" and perhaps link the name to my helpwithhcss site too but if you don't want to that is OK too.

  19. 3delamadrugada

    hi luke

    yes, you´ve gave to me a css solution for every idea I´ve had!!
    as I´ve told you some times I am really grateful to you I would have paid a lot for that help to make my best website... and your help has been for free and almost instant. it´s just unbeliveable.

    regarding to these last codes I must thank you again, and say they make me very happy as I can do what is not alowed, what is forbiden and what was definitively not possible and impossible... and I love to do what can´t be done (meanwhile I don´t harm anybody) :)

    I just hope they don´t kick me out from wordpress for this!!!

  20. 3delamadrugada

    hello again luke,

    it´s strange, but the code works great in the english blog

    but in the spanish one

    it just removes the W, but it doesn´t look like a regular footer.

    but the entire css code is copy and paste. it´s exactly the same.
    why works in one but not in another? ...maybe I have to wait some time?

    anyway I´m happy.

  21. In that version you need to change #first to #third or duplicate that piece of code and have one of each so it works in both. I'm not sure why it is different from the other version but that will fix it.

  22. 3delamadrugada


  23. Luke, thank you, this helped me too! I appreciate it!

  24. hi zumbakaren,

    even when I hate (as you can read in this post) the logos and the sentence "blog at wordpress", and I´m so happy to be able to take it away I think that you should say somewhere (it uses to be in the footer) who´s the theme you are using (as it´s a creation from other person, and you don´t pay for it) and also the free place in which you have your web hosted...

    because if not... it´s ugly, and they´re gona get upset... and they are rigth.

    it´s just my thoughts!!!

  25. I'm fairly sure it is not against the TOS to remove the attribution links but as David says, it is polite, you're getting a free blog and it can't hurt to let other people know!

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