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    custom form in post (name, email, comment). it shows my blog name (bsternblog) in the “name” field” and my email ((email redacted)) in the email field, which i would think would confuse the user into thinking they just add a “comment”. how do i get the fields to just be blank and not show this info? thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    If you mean the contact form, don’t worry about that. It is your browser that does that, it is part of the autocomplete function and shows the details of each person who views it. Nobody else will see your details, only you can see that.

    To get rid of them (though it is only temporary) you can clear your cache and then log back into your account.



    The same is also true of auto-filled content in comment boxes. uses cookies to keep track of commenters so if someone makes a comment on your blog, the next time they come to your blog, unless they have cleared their cookies, will recognize them and complete the details for them. No one else will be able to view those details in comment boxes or in contact forms. The next person who comments will see blank fields. Commenters will not see each other’s details.

    And, while we are at it, the same can be said about the Admin [edit] link. It’s only for your convenience and only you can see it and use it while you are logged in.

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