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custom header

  1. I uploaded a photo to customize, cropped (the light part should go to the header, right?) and my header came out black. Was using a 640 x 480 photo. Wrong size? If so, how can I adjust?


  2. There's no problem with your header image. It's a building with a clock, right?

  3. right. so why do i just see black

  4. Maybe you can try refreshing your browser or log-off wordpress then re-start the browser again.

  5. Thanks.

  6. Did it work?

  7. I see a black bit as well, even when I try to pull up the image directly by URL. Have to do the forced reload a couple of times for the clock to appear.

    I'm behind a broken cache box today though. I'm not even seeing new posts as they appear here. *grumble*

  8. Thanks. The refreshing worked....

  9. Yeah, but it should be there without refreshing. Your visitors aren't going to know to do that and they shouldn't.

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