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Custom Header And Link-Back To Main Page?

  1. Hello,

    I recently added a custom header, and now the site title is not clickable to return to the homepage. Is there any way to make the header clickable? If someone goes off the main/home page, there is no way for them to get back to the front page of my site.

    Thank you in advance for any advice!!


  2. The lack of clickability of the Black Letterhead theme has arisen before. Please don't hold your breath waiting for a "fix".

  3. You cannot make the header clickable yourself. However, you can place a text widget with a "front page" or "home" link in it at the top of your sidebar for your readers' use.

    The only other alternative is to click the button "hide text" under Custom Image Header and put it back on again and then there will be a link.

  4. If you had the CSS upgrade, this thread might be of help:

  5. @devblog
    I saw that too but it really annoys me that all those using this Black Letterhead theme and using a customized header with the "hide text" option will be expected to purchase a $15 css upgrade just to rectify this.

    Here's the link for css upgrade explanation

  6. TT,

    Well, they shouldn't be expected to purchase the upgrade at all. Having the header of their blog clickable to their home page is one way to do it, if they have the upgrade.

    If they don't have the upgrade (and if they don't want to buy it), a possible fix to this problem is to use a text widget linking to their home page. Probably a not-so-nice workaround, but will definitely give the reader a way to go back to the home page.

  7. Agreed. :)

  8. I also note that musecatcher has now placed a "home page" link in a text widget in her sidebar.

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