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    I want to create an English version of my blog, with same layout as my basic Danish blog and partly the same content (but different language).

    So I images stay on the old blog, code content are just copied and pasted over. It seems to work fine with widgets and posts, however, I am unable to customise the header, there is only a blank field.

    I have of course tried to upload the header image to the blog in question, but it did not make any difference. I have also cleared the cache several times.

    Here is the new blog:

    Here is the old:

    As it is exactly the same theme, the size of the image must be perfect (730×140)

    What can the problem be?

    Cheers, Anne

    PS. My browser: Firefox



    Some time ago now I used the same theme Regulus and had a lot of trouble uploading custom headers. My problem was that I had not included the jpg at the end of the image code or that I had included it but it was in capitals JPG rather than in lowe case letters. Once I learned that the image code had to be absolutely “perfect” I had no difficulties at all.
    Would you please post the image code you are trying to use here in this thread between back tics image code ? (The back tic is located immediately to the right of the number 1 on your keyboard in lower case under the tilde ~.)



    Thank you for your advice. As the image code is copied in directly from the other one, and is used in the same theme in my other browser, I don’t understand…

    I don’t know what back tics are, and I have a Danish keyboard, so what is right to 1 is “
    This one: ^ is close to ~ . Was it that one?

    I suppose the purpose is that the browser should not read it as code. I would be very happy to know how to do that!



    He he, now it works…

    You were right, the code was wrong.

    What I initially did was to insert the original header photo in a post, copy the code, and paste it into the custom header area. That was also how I initially customed the header in my original blog (I <i>think</i>… maybe I remember it wrongly)

    But what worked was to copy the code directly from the custom header area in my original blog, and paste <i>that</i> piece in…

    Thank you….


    PS. Is it just me, or is everyday language just not made for talking about technical details … You try to say something simple, and it sounds really complicated…



    Huh? What happened with the html now???



    I see the header image fine for both blogs using IE7.



    Me too using firefox2.

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