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    Is there a way for my header to stretch the entire length of the showcase page on my blog?

    I just want the header image to stretch the length of all the text. Any ideas for CSS code? I have a custom upgrade option already.


    The blog I need help with is


    You would want to instead put the image in #page in the CSS using the following CSS. Note that the length of the main page might vary in length a little from time to time, so the right length for an image isn’t an absolute. You can have a shorter image and then have it repeat in the “Y” direction (down). If you want the image to repeat down, then replace “no-repeat” in the background declaration with “repeat-y”.

    Create your image at 940px wide and whatever length you choose and optimize it heavily so that it doesn’t go over 250k in file size if at all possible to keep page loading times reasonable. Upload that image to your media library, get the URL and replace URL OF IMAGE between the double quote marks in the rule below.

    .page-template-showcase-php #page {
    background: url("URL OF IMAGE") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;

    On other thing to note is that the elements in the image may make it difficult to read things at certain points on the page since there is no background to the content text.

    Give this a try and if adjustments are necessary, we can work on those.

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