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Custom header has disappeared

  1. My custom header had disappeared and reverted to the default, including the hidden text. I had to reload the picture and reset the text to be this a new problem? I have no idea why it disappeared.

  2. There have been some widespread problems and perhaps your blog was impacted. By re-setting do you mean that you now have a custom header on your blog at this time? If not and the header is gone then please post a link to your blog. Does your blog has the css upgrade as well?

  3. It may or may not be caught up in the same problem. However, until we have a url for the blog we are at a standstill. :)

  4. The header has disappeared from out blog too -
    I thought it had been accidentally deleted, so I re-uploaded it, it appeared for one moment, then disappeared again. And to make it even stranger... I just discovered that the header does appear in Safari, just not IE.

  5. We are fixing this right now.

  6. Just so you know mark, my custom header on is gone as well ;)


  7. UPDATE: Custom headers have been fixed.

  8. Barry, the custom headers are not fitting into the 'blending' that kubrick usually does. Same link as before will be the example. There is reports of this for others in another thread as well.


  9. There's another blogger with a Kubrick custom header problem.
    Here's the link :)

  10. I'm having the same trouble with my custom header for the Kubrick theme at I assume that when the theme was updated (initially resulting in the elimination of customized headers for many of us), the CSS code was modified to specify different, incorrect dimensions for the header. From the looks of the image as it is now, it probably won't do any good to for each blogger to resize his or her custom header image, because the code will force any image to display too large.

    I'm also guessing WP doesn't expect everyone who uses the Kubrick theme to modify the new CSS. An update on what's being done would be nice. We understand it will take time.


  11. I've done another update that should fix the remaining customer header image problems.

  12. Hey Joseph, could you just take a look at my kubrick site again because it is not 'blending' the header image or rounding like it usually does. Instead, it is just putting the image overlapping again:


  13. mine too

    Apologies for posting this twice I just didnt know which one to leave it in so i did both to be on the safe side.

    Thanks everyone

  14. It seems that I'm having the same problem as trent and giventoscore.

    Thanks for your help!

  15. Same problem, image header doesn't fit the way it use to. I realized there is some kind of "tiling" effect. Also the sides of the image are not clickable, whereas the main central part inside the "border" is clickable.

  16. Exact same problem as interacciones above.

  17. Barry, if updates are being done to Kubrick, is it too late to request one small default? I would love it if the headline/title of the post would default to flush left rather than justified, as it is now? Any time a headline gets a little too long, the justification mode makes it all gaptoothed. Flush left would solve this. Thanks!

  18. Sorry for the delay, these issues have been resolved and custom headers work once again.

  19. thistimethisspace

    Thanks for working so hard to correct these things. staff rock!

  20. Thanks Barry and Joseph!


  21. You are great! Thanks WP staff!

  22. thanks

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