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Custom header image changing + featured image with sticky posts?

  1. chocoscrapheaven


    I was wondering if there's a theme that has both of the following options built-in:
    1. Featured Image header: Like the Adventure theme
    2. Sticky posts slider with featured image (like Sight and Fresh & Clean)

    Or is this something I can create with only CSS? and one of the three themes?

    Thanks you for the help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Very interesting question! We do not have very many themes that support both of these features. I only found one free theme: Hope this works for you :)

  3. chocoscrapheaven

    Hi Michael,

    It's kinda what I'm looking for. Do I understand it correctly that I cannot change the layout (full-width header, menu under the header) with the CSS? Cause I'd rather have the a full width-header, the menu under the header and a few other things changed.

    It's good to know the combination of the two is possible, though. I can only make a theme of my own (html and such) on a private site, right? Or is there a way I can have the adjustments I'd like to have?

    Thanks again for the help!

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